Channel 19 will get outcomes serving to Nab Offender, who rained shit in downtown Cleveland

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Dealing with a metaphorical and existential shit storm is bad enough; Clevelanders shouldn't be forced to literally live too.

That bold proclamation was at the heart of Channel 19's recent history, which found the poop unceremoniously rained down on its own corner of downtown Cleveland.

"Rain shit," said a neighbor in a nearby building at the station. "Literally, and you could see it on the sidewalk."

And it came from the Reserve Square Apartments.

"Then one day I saw shit and I knew someone was sweeping feces off the balcony," he said. “It fell on the residents here in the Bohn Tower. It fell on the people waiting at the bus stop. It's not just frustrating – it really annoys me, to be honest, and I think we have the right as ordinary citizens to be able to walk without feces falling on us . "

Damn it, good sir.

This is where channel 19 comes in.

Grin and shake your head, but there are few easier ways to fix a simple yet shocking problem than calling your local TV station. The intrepid I-teams and action teams as well as troubleshooter teams, armed with dramatic voice-overs and videos, can do things that simple words and pictures will never do.

Like catching the poop offender throwing piss juice into downtown Cleveland while telling the story.

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It took less than 48 hours after reporters first asked about the situation for K&D to identify the tenant who was throwing dog shit on unsuspecting innocents downstairs and powering the sidewalk.

Watch the entire segment on Channel 19 for the full experience and say thank you for this holiday season.

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