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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Are you ready? Northeast Ohioans fade out.

"I'm not ready for this. Really."

"I am. I hope everyone else is."

Winter clock issued for some counties in northeast Ohio starting Monday

It will be a widespread three day weather event. Starting with rain, then snow … anywhere from 7 inches to a foot depending on where you live.

We haven't seen any Ohio Department of Transportation plows on the streets since January … before the pandemic.

How are the crews preparing to go from zero to 100?

Northeast Ohio ODOT spokeswoman Amanda McFarland says that without bridge decks and overpasses, you can't expect much pretreatment of roads.

“We do a 150-point inspection on all of our vehicles to make sure they are ready for use. So you check everything from the lights to the wiper blades, ”McFarland said. "Since it comes in as rain first, we won't be able to pre-treat the streets because that will just wash away."

More than 200 plows, each with 10 tons of salt, will hit the road as soon as the first flake falls.

And with traffic dropping 15-20% as many continue to work from home, it will make things a little easier, according to McFarland.

"… pack your snowbrush, make sure you have gasoline in your car," she said.

For the health of ODOT employees, there will be one driver per plow and the trucks will be disinfected between every 12-hour shift.

"As with any other employer, we have health screenings for our employees when they come to work. We measure temperatures and ask these few health questions," she said.

ODOT officials say that while there have been some cases of COVID-19 within the department, these have not been widespread.

They also say unskilled workers will be on standby to intervene if necessary as crews will be working around the clock for the first big blizzard of the season.

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